6 Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you don’t realize you were feeling bad until you started feeling a lot better? This can happen when we improve our diet, start taking supplements, and even just from being constantly hydrated. While drinking water alone can keep you hydrated, you’re missing out on some of the great benefits of IV hydration therapy. 

Immunity boost

Consuming more fluids alone can help with improved immunity, but also added ingredients give you even a bigger boost. Vitamin C is essential for the immune system to function properly. Infusions with Vitamin C ensure you get enough of the vitamin for your immune system to do its job. B-complex vitamins are also important for the immune system. Deficiency in B vitamins can suppress the immune system and inhibit the production of antibodies which are important to fighting infections. Many of our infusions contain a B vitamin complex which is great for your immune system.


More energy

B vitamins aren’t just good for your immune system, but also are great for boosting energy. People often notice a significant difference in energy levels after receiving B vitamins. The great thing about IV infusions is that the vitamins absorb much better than if taken orally, so you’ll get the maximum benefit from the vitamins! 


Better Sleep

Did you know that being hydrated can improve your sleep? While there are many things that can negatively affect your sleep, there are things you can do to help. IV hydration therapy can help by keeping you hydrated along with supplementing you with vitamins and minerals that can help improve your sleep, such as Magnesium and B vitamins. 


Fewer aches and pains

Proper hydration is vital to improving aches and pains. In addition, we use glutathione which reduces inflammation and has anti-aging properties. Within just a few sessions, many people have noticeable improvement with pain! 


Faster recovery

IV hydration therapy helps deliver the nutrients your muscles need for a speedy recovery. Whether you need a quick recovery from a workout or even a surgery, we blend Ascorbic Acid, B-Complex, Glutathione, and an Amino and Mineral Blend to make sure you feel recharged.


Improved skin 

Glutathione isn’t just for aches and pains – because it possesses anti-aging properties it’s also great for your skin. ​​Our blend of Ascorbic Acids and Glutathione will help create a beautiful youthful glow.

Now, like with your car or your home, a one-time maintenance is usually not enough to keep your valuables looking good and running properly. Our bodies are the same way. The metabolic benefits to promote cellular healing, fight disease, increase energy and produce youthful-looking skin come when these nutrients are a part of your positive lifestyle choices. One-time infusion is good but a routine of infusions is far more beneficial. 


Our current IV Infusion offerings:

Ease & Relieve

Decrease bloating, irritability, nausea, body aches and pains. Relieves migraines. Our base bags include Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and B Vitamins.

Slim & Trim

This Meyer’s cocktail is an ideal blend of six (6) vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, B-Complex, and Vitamin C. You’ll find yourself feeling invincible and ready to conquer whatever obstacle is in front of you.

Immunity Booster

Boost your immune system + feel better faster with this powerful immunity blend full of Vitamin C, B-Complex and Glutathione—the king of all antioxidants.

The Glow Up

Fight acne, wrinkles and tired skin from the inside out. Our blend of Ascorbic Acids and Glutathione will help create a beautiful youthful glow.

Jet Lag

Whether you’re flying across the country or hitting the open road for vacation, this blend of a B-Complex and Magnesium will help reboot your body with energy and minimize the aches and pains of traveling through different time zones.

Get Movin'

Need some energy???  This cocktail will help burn fat, boost energy levels, and increase your metabolism.

New Mommy

A perfect pick-me-up for new busy moms. This blend of B-Complex and electrolytes will get you where you want to go, giving you the boost in energy and focus you need.

Athlete's Cocktail

Enhance your performance, boost your metabolism, & minimize recovery time after a hard physical activity. We blend Ascorbic Acid, B-Complex, Glutathione, Amino and Mineral Blend. You are sure to feel recharged.

Hang Out! Hang Over!

Let’s get the party started! Or the Party just ended. Get hangover relief or be proactive. Our Hangover recovery will help keep you hydrated and energized. We blend B-Complex and Toradol to help with body aches.

“I’ve been teetering at 287 for some time. Well, this week I was at 281.7 YES!!! I think the infusion Slim & Trim plus my HCG is what helped it move!”


.Add ons:

These medications/minerals can be added to any Hydration Therapy treatment to customize your cocktail and increase your overall results. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Recommended to help treat diabetic neuropathy, atherosclerotic plaque and fibromyalgia. 



Improves strength and endurance, aids in the recovery process, and detoxification. 



Anti-nausea, aids in recovery.






Energy booster



​​Increases metabolism, boosts energy