Maybe you’ve done your research about the HCG Diet, but a question inevitably always comes up after it’s something you decide you want to try – drops or injections? Well we have you covered with the advantages and disadvantages of both the drops and the injections.

Let’s start with HCG Drops.

HCG Drops

With the drops you put them under your tongue for 10-15 minutes, and must wait 15 minutes before eating anything, and can’t have eaten for at least 15 minutes before doing the drops. This is done twice daily.


  • If you are terrified of needles, then by default drops are going to be a better option for you.
  • If you feel as if you can’t do 500 calories daily, and need a little more flexibility with the food options, then the HCG drops helps because you have the option of having a little bit more food on the list and more variety in regards to your protein choices. The diet on the drops allows up to 800 calories daily.
  • Cost – it is not as expensive as doing the injections, so if cost is a prohibitive factor then drops are a  better option.
  • Drops are peppermint flavor and have B12 in them, so they don’t taste bad!


  • Weight loss is not as dramatic.
  • For some people having too many options for food choices can be a disadvantage. Some people do better with a more structured diet with fewer options.
  • It takes more time/planning with the drops because you have to do them twice daily, and there has to be time (10-15 minutes before and after) where you can’t eat anything.


HCG Injections

With the injections, you do one HCG injection daily, and there are no restrictions as to the time of day or timing of meals.


  • More weight loss, and inches are also a little bit more noticable. The injections are more concentrated than the drops and stay steady in your bloodstream all day which allows for better absorption.
  • If you are a routine person, injections can be better because the diet is a bit more restrictive so you could eat the same thing everyday if you wanted.
  • The injections don’t really hurt as the needle is very small so there is minimal discomfort with the injection site.
  • The timing of the injections doesn’t matter.



  • It costs more than the drops
  • There are fewer calories and fewer food choices than with the drops


Whether or not you choose to go with the drops or injections, there are advantages to the HCG diet in general, which include:

  • Better sleep
  • Improvement in skin
  • Detox – you will feel better overall


So whichever way you go, you will be eating better, feeling better, and losing weight!