So you’ve maybe read some or heard about the HCG diet and the HCG phases, but what exactly are they and what is this diet all about? First, HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. When taken in small amounts though, it can help aid with weight loss. The diet is divided into 3 different phases.

HCG Phases – Phase 1:

This phase is also referred to as gorge/loading days and constitutes the first 2 days of the program. During this phase you start taking your HCG injections. You can eat anything you want for this phase, and high fat foods are especially encouraged. Since HCG takes a couple of days to really get into your system, eating these high fat foods in the beginning can help the HCG recognize where your fat stores are located. Phase 1 is short, so when you’re done with those 2 loading days you move on to the main part of the program, the infamous Phase 2!

HCG Phases – Phase 2:

This is where the diet really gets going, and where you are going to lose the most weight. These are days 3-30 (or 40 depending on your specific program). You continue doing your HCG injection daily at this point. Your diet is reduced to 500 calories daily and no exercise is required (in fact it is discouraged, only light cardio permitted, no strength training). Don’t be too intimidated by this though – it’s not as scary as it sounds! The diet is a very clean eating diet, and there are foods that are not included on the diet, such as oils and sugars. See sample meals here. We give you a detailed list of what is and isn’t included, as well as meal plan ideas and suggestions for some tasty alternatives to some of your normal cravings.

This is a chance for you to detox and eat clean, whole foods! You will see what it’s like to feed your body with foods that are actually healthy and realize how much better you feel. Sometimes you don’t even realize how bad you feel until you start to feel better. Many people also find that they sleep much better while on HCG. Vitamin supplements and weekly lipo-7 injections are recommended during phase 2. At Horizons, clients who are local will come into the office once weekly for a weigh-in and the doctor is available if you have any questions or need anything. For online clients, we will schedule a phone or skype call with you once weekly to check in and get your weight for the week and give you any support you need.

HCG Phases – Phase 3:

Also called the maintenance phase, Phase 3 is the 21 days following Phase 2 where you start to introduce some more foods and calories back into your diet. While weight loss is still possible during this phase, it will not be as dramatic as during Phase 2. At this point you are also done taking HCG. Phase 3 is very personalized because everyone reacts to different foods differently. Dr. Rowser will work with you to make sure that you find which foods work for you. At this point you may also start exercising if you wish.  

After Phase 3 is done you should have learned new eating habits and changed your mindset in regards to food. While HCG is very motivating because of the quick results, if you return to old habits that got you into the situation you were in prior to starting the HCG program, it is possible for you to regain your weight. We have had so many people who have been successful with this program and have kept their weight off for years now. It does take hard work and dedication, but you only have one body to live in and you owe it to yourself to take care of yourself! After completing our HCG program you will realize how much better you feel after making good choices for your health. We are with you every step of the way with this program, and your success is our success.