H.C.G. (Kisspeptin) Weight Loss Program

The Healthy, Clean, and Green (H.C.G.) Weight Loss Program uses Kisspeptin injections, combined with a clean low-calorie diet. This program follows the same model as our for HCG program. However, due to the unavailability of HCG, this program uses Kisspeption injections instead. Kisspeptin is a great alternative to HCG because it works in the body in a similar way.

.Phases of H.C.G.

The H.C.G. diet at Horizons is doctor tested and supervised. The program is 6-8 weeks and is personalized just for you. The H.C.G. diet is divided into 3 phases: 

Phase 1

  • Day 1 
  • Kisspeptin injection daily
  • AKA gorge/loading days
  • Can eat anything, including foods with a high fat content

Phase 2

  • Days 3-30 or 40 (depends on your specific plan
  • Kisspeptin injection Daily
  • 800 kcal/day diet, no fats or oils
  • Exercise permitted and encouraged
  • Weekly Lipo-7 injection

Phase 3

  • 21 days following Phase 2
  • No Kisspeptin injections
  • Limited carbohydrate intake (see diet plan for details)
  • Cardio and strength training permitted and encouraged

Weekly Visits

You’ll have weekly visits with Dr. Harris or our NP Rachael Jennings for blood pressure and weight checks. We’re here to answer any questions and support you!

Kisspeptin Injections

For the first month of the diet you will give yourself daily Kisspeptin injections.  If you need extra help with appetite supression, you may add-on our Adipex program.

Success Guide

When you start the program you will receive a weight loss success guide which includes meal planning ideas. 


At each visit you get a Lipo-7 injection which is full of B-vitamins and amino acids to help speed up your metabolism and give you a boost of energy.

“This journey has been unbelievably amazing. It’s worked for me and I’m excited to share this success with everyone!”

-Tamara, lost 60 lbs with our Adipex program

Dr. Harris and our NP have personal experience with our weight loss programs. With their guidance and expertise, you too can succeed with your weight loss goals!