Imperial Wellness

Glow Natural with Imperial

We have partnered with Imperial Wellness and now offer luxury facial appointments at the office. So as you are getting healthier you can leave the office with a new facial GLOW.

Imperial Wellness Services

We are a service for those who have skin concerns, and recurrent issues such as breakouts, acne, age spots, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, and stretch marks. Our services don’t stop with the face, esthetics can be serviced at any place of the body. Examples of those areas are the neck, back, forearms, thighs, and buttocks. Service can also be provided to thinning hair and edges.

Rachael Jennings

Rachael Jennings is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has been
working with Horizons for 2 years assisting with gynecology, weight loss, wellness, and
hormone replacement therapy. Rachael is the CEO and founder of Imperial Health and Wellness.

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