DrHarris-week three

Red lights, a couple chirps from the siren, and you’re pulled over. “@#$!” goes through your mind. “I may be over the limit,” you think. Back of the squad car … finger printed … bailed out. You’ve got a DUI. Never thinking that you had a problem – life was filled with drink after drink, but now you’re facing the truth that you have a problem with alcohol.

WHAT in the world does this have to with weight loss? I have found for myself that my past weight (aside: I’m down to 241, 3wks and 4 days into this 30 day journey – 20 lbs of weight loss on HCG) showed that I had a problem with food. Too much snacking, too many sweets, poor food choices: I ate whatever I wanted. Similarly to Mr. DUI, who didn’t respect alcohol and recognize that too much of a good thing can lead to problems.

I had a patient’s significant other say to me, “Doc, you’re not obese!”




I loved the statement because it gave me the opportunity to educate. I explained that any BMI > 30 is considered to be obese. Click here to find out what your number is. You NEED to know your number. It will open your eyes and should at a minimum get you thinking … “Am I obese or overweight?”

My time on the HCG weight loss program has been very interesting. 500 calories a day isn’t much at all so you would expect that I wouldn’t have a drop of energy, but it’s quite the contrary. I’ve been running 2 miles just about every other day. With the daily injections, 500 – 600 calorie diet (I cheat sometimes and get a little more calories), and my regular exercise I’m losing 1-1.5 lbs daily. I feel great and love that this weight is coming off on this consistent clip. The best part about all of this is that I have tried some different foods that I would never have tried before.

For those new to the HCG weight loss plan, here are some ideas for helping with new food ideas:

  • Squash is a tasty addition to the entree’ when sauteed.  I never tried the vegetable before.  We have a ninja cooking system that allows for “no oil” frying of foods.
  • A mainstay for me would be:
    • Tilapia or chicken breast (4oz) → Grill Master brown sugar bourbon seasoning (I get it from Sam’s)
    • Squash, Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms
    • You can make this in the ninja in 15 mins.  I would put all the ingredients and cook all at once.  Great eating
  • Another tip is for a salad dressing: Balsamic vinegar with Truvia mixed in to sweeten it.
  • I have also fallen in love with Pummelo (it looks like a grapefruit on steroids).  Sweet without the bitter taste of it’s little brother grapefruit.
  • Lastly, if you want a mashed potatoes substitute you can boil cauliflower and then mash it by hand or in a food processor.  Season to taste.  Has the mashed potato feel without the extra starch.  Very good substitute.


Well, here I am almost 30 days later and 20 lbs lighter. I feel great about the weight loss but even better about how I view food now. My goal over the next month (during the maintenance month on HCG) is to get off another 10 lbs. With focus, exercise, and good food choices I should be able to reach the goal without to much fuss. I am learning not to live to eat but to eat to live.