Weight Loss Success Stories


Over time, Gary’s lifestyle changed: Going from the Marine Corps. to working in manufacturing, Gary became less active while maintaining the same eating habits. This led to some significant weight gain over time, which Gary decided to do something about. 

With Horizons, Gary has learned how to deal with temptations and choose healthier options. This has led to Gary losing 70 lbs! His weight loss journey isn’t over yet, but he’s made so much progress and will soon get back to doing some of the more active things he used to do. 


Stephanie - Before and After


People have many different reasons for wanting to lose weight, and not everyone who makes the decision to do so has a large amount of weight to lose. Martia has lost 25 lbs with Horizons and describes her journey as “Hard but inspiring. But the results have been worth every second, every sacrifice, every minute of it. And ultimately it’s about being healthy, feeling good about myself – and it’s just been amazing.”


Leah - Before and After
Alexis - Before and After


Alexis started to have issues with weight after she became a mother, and she had tried several different ways to lose weight, without success, but found success with Horizons. Being at the front desk in our office, she says, “my weight loss has built positive relationships with complete strangers…to hear them tell me I’m their inspiration is amazing and pushes me to keep going…and it holds me accountable so I’m able to hold them accountable!!”

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Karen needed to lose weight and had resorted to looking into getting gastric bypass surgery. She had started the consultation process but Dr. Rowser suggesting trying our one of our weight loss programs first. Karen was so successful with the program at Horizons that she was no longer even eligible for the surgery!

Karen - Before and After


Like many women, after having 4 kids Keisha was struggling with some stubborn weight. But when she started a weight loss program at Horizons, she was able to see quick results with both her body and energy level.  “Through the more focused and clean eating, I was concerned that I might be tired or might not have energy. However, what I realized quickly was that was not at all the case. When we are choosing to change what we are putting into our body, you will immediately notice that your body responds to that. So the amazing change that occurred for me wasn’t only noticeable to me physically, but internally I was able to see that my body was feeling different; it was feeling better. I felt more healthy. It felt really good to me.”


Stephanie - Before and After


For Stephanie, weight has always been sort of an issue, but particularly after having children. She had tried eating right and exercising on her own several times, as well as Advocare. But when she tried a weight loss program with Horizons, she found success, “because having weekly weigh-ins at the office made me more accountable. I always had support and someone to talk to if I had a bad week to help me figure out what to change up to keep being successful.” Stephanie lost around 60 lbs and has kept the weight off.


Dan tried many different weight loss programs before he tried a weight loss program with Horizons. In some programs, he had initial success, but then either gained all the weight back or gained more than he lost. Dan decided to give Horizons a try and lost over 100 lbs, and is still losing.

“It isn’t just about weight loss for me, it’s about changing the way I eat, who I am,  increasing my energy, becoming a stronger person who wants to live longer.”

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