Our office began offering patients an incredibly effective weight loss option called HCG. This stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is largely produced in pregnant women, but in small quantities aids in curbing the appetite and fat burning. Week after week and month after month, l would see patients melt before my very eyes. The experience was amazing to watch.

My story begins in July 2015, our lovely daughter was getting married and I had a few dresses to fit in. I didn’t have a problem with getting into my dresses at that time. We worked really hard preparing so I was burning more calories than I was taking it… hey, we were getting ready for the big day!  It seemed like we had a continual party that started at the end of the wedding in July until the end of December! We ate and ate and ate. In the meantime, I was getting bigger and bigger. I actually was the largest I had EVER been. Approximately 20 pounds overweight. I figured that if HCG worked for those who need to lose 50 pounds, it should do wonders with my little ole’ 20 pounds!

The New Year came and I decided that this was the time, with the good ole’ New Year’s Resolution.  I started HCG and a 500 calorie per day diet, along with moderate cardiovascular exercise one to three times a week.  Approximately 5 pounds fell off in the first week. Talk about happy! 5 pounds in one week! That only gave me momentum to keep going. I found great support in my hubby who was also doing HCG. He lost 17 pounds.  I had some pretty rough nights when I wanted to snack but I stayed focused and drank a ton of water instead. Other sources of support were from HCGChica.com (a website for All things HCG) and of course Dr. Rowser had a “you go girl’ when I needed it. I was finished with my injections by Valentine’s Day, and now I can increase my caloric intake to 1000 calories/ day. My waist (not really my waist, it’s that ring of fat that is directly below your waist)  measured 41 inches before HCG and now that area measures 25 inches! I have lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks. I even had a few cheat meals, but I quickly returned to the plan. I still have about 9 more pounds to get to my goal but I am confident I will reach it during the maintenance phase.

Take home message? HCG is not limited to those who have A LOT of weight to lose. Maybe you have a special event coming up this spring or summer like a wedding, a vacation, or class reunion. HCG will be a major catalyst to get that fat off…quickly!