Seasons Changing

How to let go of problems, negative self-talk, and welcome new habits and love for ourselves

The season’s changing, and we should take the time to self-reflect on that change. What’s working well in our lives? What is holding us back? What can we do to be the best version of ourselves? Self-reflection is vital for self-improvement, but what does that look like?

Let go of old problems

We all have past experiences that continue to negatively affect our lives. While it’s not as simple as just “letting it go”, it definitely starts with deciding to let it go. If an emotional wound is fresh, it can take some time for the feeling to be less intense. Trust that it will get better over time and make a conscious effort to move forward and not dwell on the past. It can be easy to let our minds wander and spiral out of control. However, when you start to do so, take note of it and make an effort to think about something else or do something to distract yourself. While this can sometimes be a long process, make an effort to recognize situations that are ready to stay in the past. 


Stop the Negative Self-Talk 

Negative self-talk is something that many people struggle with. We all have our insecurities and once we’re in a situation that evokes negative self-esteem, it can be easy for negative thoughts about ourselves to spiral. However, learning to accept ourselves for who we are with self-compassion is something that will help us be our best selves. If you feel yourself starting to feel down about yourself, instead start thinking about all the good qualities. Nobody is perfect and that’s ok! But everyone has unique and great qualities, including you. Try daily affirmations or spiritual devotion in the morning to set yourself up for a positive day. 


Welcome Wisdom

It’s impossible for us to know everything, and we all have unique experiences in life. These experiences can make us experts about certain things, but we can’t be experts about everything. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so we just need to learn how to position ourselves and lean into our strengths. It’s not necessary to be good at everything and it’s ok to ask for help. Listen to those around you who you trust. Learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. Welcome knowledge that can help you be the best version of yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Find a person or people who you respect and make a connection with them. You never know what you can learn from them!


Turn Bad Habits into Healthy Ones

Most people have bad habits, and while they are hard to change they’re not impossible. Have a habit of snacking after dinner? Do yourself a favor and stop buying harmful snack foods. Sounds simpler than it is, but the internet is full of fun healthy recipes you can try. Make sure you have a healthy snack ready and waiting for you. The key is replacing the bad habit with something that’s enjoyable for you so that you’re setting yourself up for success. 


Set Small Goals

Most people have at least a couple of long-term goals. If you don’t set some! But those long-term goals can take a while to accomplish. In the meantime, we can set small goals that are more easily achievable. For example, you can set a goal to read one book every month. Or you can set a goal to try cooking one new recipe every week. It can be anything that’s easily achievable and something we’re interested in achieving. Having small wins in our life will lift our moods and self-confidence. 


Only Positive Vibes Allowed!

Make a habit of expressing gratitude in your daily life. Making an effort to focus on the positive aspects of anything can help our overall mood and improve our well-being. This can go beyond just your daily thoughts. Think about what type of media and content you’re consuming. Are you reading or watching things that evoke positive or negative emotions? There is plenty of negativity in the news that provokes divisiveness and fear. Is that something you really need in your life? Try to focus your attention on content and media that focus on positivity. Download an app to send you affirming and positive quotes throughout the day.