lost 35 lbs with Horizons

Being overweight or obese can put you at risk for several different health problems. Tonga, who has been struggling with weight loss over the years, had a wake up call after receiving some blood work results. Tonga’s blood work revealed high blood pressure and other numbers that showed her that if things didn’t change soon, she was going to be in for some serious health problems.

So Tonga started the HCG Weight Loss Program with Horizons, which focuses on clean eating – no processed foods. It gives your body a chance to detox and get nutrients from clean, green food. After 30 days of clean eating, you’ll feel the difference! Through this program, Tonga has learned some things along the way:


Healthy habits = long term success

Tonga had tried several different weight loss programs over the years, but with little success. We asked her how the HCG program was different from other weight loss programs she had tried and she said,” with HCG, it makes you focus on what you’re eating. On what you’re putting in your body.” Other programs may focus on points or use pre prepared/portioned food. While these programs may be easy to follow, they don’t teach you the important healthy habits that are necessary for long term success.  

Your decisions and actions are an example to others

While any weight loss journey is difficult, when you succeed it can impact your life in unexpected ways. For Tonga, she said, “My youngest actually wants to try it. He’s 21 and he’s thinking about that now which shows me that we’ve made the right decisions and impacted him.  I wouldn’t have expected that because he’s the kid who probably didn’t pay attention as much, but he has and he’s noticed.” Replacing old habits with healthy ones sets a good example for your family, and especially children. Getting your kids accustomed to healthy habits early, can save them from a lot of trouble and health problems in the future. 

Accountability helps

After seeing Tonga’s success with the HCG diet, her husband decided to try it along with her. Doing the program with a partner can help with accountability. For Tonga and her husband, she says, “it was a competition every week”. Accountability is a big part of successful weight loss, and at Horizons our staff is there for you to support, encourage, and keep you accountable. We also encourage you to start a program with a friend or family member so you have additional support and accountability (it helps during moments of weakness!). 

Social events don’t need to just be about food 

Something Tonga used to struggle with, especially around the holidays, was dealing with social events which always seem to come with unhealthy (although delicious) food options. But changing old habits is possible and Tonga described how her behaviour has changed since doing a weight loss program with Horizons. She said,  “what I would normally do in the past, would be to go off the rails on holidays or during whatever special event. There’s always something going on or happening. But the program makes me more conscious about what I am eating and how much of it I am eating, because before it didn’t matter much to me.” With these events, Tonga has learned to “focus more on the people and the atmosphere” which is what really matters in the end. 

Healthy choices are possible while traveling

Traveling is a point of weakness for many while trying to eat healthy. We often use it as an excuse to make poor dietary choices, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Tonga frequently travels for work so she had to figure out a way to incorporate her healthy habits while traveling. Planning ahead is crucial for this – Tonga makes sure she knows about any special events ahead of time so she can plan meals accordingly, always brings workout clothes and takes advantage of the fitness centers found in many hotels. 

Keep moving forward

Sometimes we have set backs because life happens. In regards to these setbacks, Tonga says, “don’t beat yourself up if you get off track. Just get back on track. Find that support group and that accountability group that can help you stay on task.”