13 Wellness Tips for 2020

With everything going on in the world recently, it’s safe to say that most people experience mental stress. Because of the changes we’ve been experiencing due to COVID-19 and political unrest, it’s more important than ever to focus on our psychological and physical wellness. So we have put together some tips to help get you through these tough times while taking care of your mental and physical health.

Go Outside.

Explore nature and do other outdoor activities (where there aren’t a lot of other people). Being stuck inside a lot isn’t good for most people’s mental health, so make an effort to take walks outside and explore local parks/forests.

Connect with Others.

Social distancing can feel quite isolating, so make an effort to stay connected to your loved ones. Schedule video calls with friends and family, and plan Zoom game nights. While it may not be the same as interacting in person, it can still help you stay and feel close to those important to you.

Prioritize sleep.

Getting the right amount of sleep is super important for optimal physical and mental wellness. Try not to consume things in the evening and night that can negatively affect your sleep, such as caffeine and alcohol. Make an effort to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Work Out.

Just because most gyms are closed doesn’t mean you can’t work out. There are plenty of exercise videos on YouTube that you can workout to for free, or you can get a personal trainer and train through Zoom – this can help with accountability and is more affordable than in-person personal training.

Make Unhealthy Foods Inconvenient.

Stress-eating is pretty common, and the state of the world is definitely stressful these days. Commit yourself to not keeping tempting, unhealthy foods in the house.

Practice Kindness and Gratitude.

Positivity is something that we could use more of these days. Make an effort to be kind in situations where maybe you usually would not. Negative energy spreads like wildfire, so do your part to put a stop to the spread, and instead focus on being kind and thankful for all the good things in your life.

Try Meditation.

Mediation is something that can help you relax and feel happier overall. There are plenty of resources online and apps that can help you get started. Commit to trying it for a few weeks, and you’ll likely see a positive difference.

Limit Social Media and News.

Social media is a source of a lot of conflict and other types of negativity. The news also tends to only focus on negative and fear-inducing stories. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media and reading the news. Too much of it can contribute negatively to your mental health and wellness.

Watch Comedies.

If you like to watch TV and movies, try to focus on ones that will make you laugh. As they say, laughter is the best medicine!


If you’re stuck inside a lot, take the time to declutter and clean the place up. You’ll notice when you’re done how much of a relief it is to live in a clean and decluttered environment.

Do Creative Projects

If you find yourself with a lot of free-time, immerse yourself in creative projects. There are plenty of coloring books made for adults these days that can be very stress-relieving. Check Pinterest for other creative project ideas. These types of projects can not only relieve stress, but you’ll feel an excellent sense of accomplishment as well.

Order Take-out

Since dining in restaurants is more difficult these days, make an effort to occasionally order take-out. This will give you a nice break from cooking and also support restaurants that are struggling.

Try Therapy

If you are struggling with your mental health, get help! There are many counseling/therapy options online, some of which have financial aid. You can also look for online support groups. 


Focusing on your overall mental and physical wellness will not only benefit you, but also those around you. You’re worth focusing on and taking care of yourself!