Dr. Rowser got dressed for work this morning and realized the pants she was wearing in October DON’T FIT. At all. She brought them along anyway for a quick photo shoot!

Dr Rowser showing off HCG weight loss during our Does Size Matter BMI campaign

For those who haven’t been following along, Dr. Rowser has been following Horizons’ HCG weight loss plan and has lost nearly 40 pounds in under four months. Taking all of these cute pictures and getting excited for Dr. Rowser isn’t just about the weight loss plan. Whether or not you ever try HCG, Horizons want to educate on the multitude of health benefits a lower BMI (body mass index) will bring.

As such, one of the fun things we’re doing at Horizons this year is focusing on BMI awareness – you might have seen our posters around the office recently!

So, we thought it would be funny to take a snap of Dr. Rowser pulling a “does size matter?” pose.

Dr Rowser of Horizons in a Does Size Matter pose

Does Size Matter?Dr. Rowser is getting so close to her goal weight!! You can read her previous stories on the blog here and here.