Dr. Rowser, from Horizons Family Medicine, discusses her HCG weight loss journey and how it has changed her life:


We all know the old saying: Out with the old; in with the new. Well, all I know is it easier said than done! My weight loss journey has been very efficient on HCG, to say the least (down 26 pounds in 9 weeks). I never lose weight that fast.

On Weight Watchers in the past, 26 pounds may take me a whole year. So it is hard to wrap this “fat brain” mentality around this new found shape. Don’t get me wrong – I love my new body and I’m very excited about what else is ahead but it still doesn’t mean that mentally is not a journey as well. I do great losing weight until I get comfortable in the clothes that I have in my closet. I’m getting compliments left and right and then I seem to put on the brakes, so I’ve never quite made it to my goal. Today I am 18 pounds from numbers that I have not seen since my first year in college and I will not let this fat brain sabotage me.

So I ask myself: how can I make it to the end; how can this time be different? I really want to be at my goal weight, badly. Total of 95 pounds from my heaviest weight in 2005. What a roller coaster ride – physically and emotionally. I’m definitely ready for it to end.

I am approaching it differently this time. First and foremost I start every day with gratitude . I’m thankful for being persistent and for the progress I have already made. Yes, some days are better than others, but if I look at the glass half full versus half empty the day seems to go much better and it is easier to stay focused.

Second, I see food differently and now that I can appreciate that food is there for me to live I don’t have to live for food. When you know you can truly survive on 500 calories daily and what you were doing to your body with 2,500 calories daily, you realize gluttony is not a good option.

Third, I have embraced the vision. I finally see myself at goal weight and that has taken a lot of time. I am excited to what I will truly look like I goal weight. I am ready to change my walk and strut my stuff. I definitely need to do this since I have been reminded that I still have that ‘big girl’ waddle. Last but definitely not least, I have finally been gentle with myself, knowing that everyday is a new challenge on this weight loss journey and that in the long run it’s going to pay off. I have finally stop beating myself up. It’s nice not to have so many bruises this time around.
I am ready to embrace the new and truly let go of the old. Watch out world – here I come! This roller coaster ride has come to the end.