Michelle has lost more than 60lbs on the Horizons HCG weight loss plan in Dayton, Ohio

We’ve had a big 2015 so far at Horizons with our HCG success stories, so we wanted to create an online weight loss forum for everyone to connect, share recipes, talk about the diet – anything!

All you need to do is register by clicking the picture below, the link in the navigation bar of this site, or by visiting the site at forum.horizonsweightloss.com. You only need a username and e-mail address to get started. Once you’re in you can become friends with other members, send messages, post in the forums, read responses or create new groups for whatever topic you might be interested in.

We have started the weight loss forum by adding three sample topics in the HCG recipes section, and you can reply to these with ideas of your own or start new topics based on your favorite HCG recipes.

We will also be monitoring and participating in this forum if you ever have any questions or need any help! Thank you for being part of Horizons!